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Soul Division


Soul Division

This is a beautiful acrylic paint pour on a 8”x8” square canvas with a glossy finish. I used a white paint pen to doodle on top of the paint pour. I include hardware in your order to hang it on your wall as well as a meaning card.

Soul Division: "Plato defines the soul's three parts as the logical part, the spirited part, and the appetitive part. These parts are simply in different balance from one person to the next."

Every piece I make is one of a kind and unique.

Product care instructions for acrylic pour paintings:

Do not allow any rigid object to press against the front or back surface of the stretched canvas as this could create permanent indentation damage. When storing or transferring, take care to protect the canvas surfaces from becoming dinged or dented. To clean, gently use a soft cloth with a touch of solution made of mild dish soap and water.