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Fika Wooden Tray
Fika Wooden Tray


Fika Wooden Tray

This is a beautiful acrylic paint pour on a 10”x13” wooden tray with a resin finish. I also include a meaning card.

Fika: A moment to slow down and appreciate good things in life.

Every piece I make is one of a kind and unique.

Product care instructions for resin trays, boxes, and wooden hearts:

Resin is scratch resistant NOT scratch proof. Resin is also heat resistant but it should not intentionally be subjected to high temperatures such as cigarettes, cooking utensils, etc. Resin is water and alcohol proof. To clean your resin art and maintain its luster, you need to treat the resin like a glass. Simply wipe your resin artwork with a microfiber cloth. You can also use a touch of water and mild dish soap solution to clean. Make sure you dry it well with your microfiber cloth.